Domaine Bouchard Pere & Fils, Meursault Genevriéres 2005 - 3 Liter

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Domaine Bouchard Pere & Fils, Meursault Genevriéres 2005 - 3 Liter

Domaine Bouchard Pere & Fils, Meursault Genevriéres, Bourgogne, Frankrig


Note: Prost says that Bouchard now owns an incredible 2.7 ha, which would make Bouchard the largest owner, surpassing the 2.5 ha of Latour-Giraud

Producer note: Philippe Prost, Bouchard's winemaker, told me that the "new cuvérie is a godsend (see Bouchard, Issue 22 for details on their new state-of-the-art facility) in terms of being able to analyze quickly and efficiently what we are bringing in as well as to separate out specific parcels within vineyards and then include them or not later as each cuvée merits.
We now can also move grapes, must and wine around with zero pumping, which is especially important with grapes as now we don't break the seeds, which in some vintages is critical because they're not always ripe and as such, they can be the source of bitterness. Thankfully, in the case of 2005 there was excellent phenolic maturity where even the seeds attained a high level of ripeness as well.

With the excellent harvest weather and uniform ripeness in most parcels, we had the almost unheard of luxury of harvesting whenever we wanted. We started on the 12th of September with the whites because we wanted to preserve the acidity but waited until the 14th to start on the reds. Despite saying that you could harvest when you wanted, in some particularly well exposed parcels, you had to watch carefully because sugars climbed rapidly right at the end. In my view we obtained the best maturities in whites since 1999. And because the lees were so clean we didn't touch the whites for a full 8 months other than to top up regularly.

" As were the Bouchard '05 reds, the whites are also impressive if perhaps not quite at the same level though the La Cabotte and Montrachet are absolutely stunning wines. Please note though that also like the reds, the wood treatment in '05 is more than it usually is and in some cases, stops right at the limit where it could be considered intrusive. Given the track record of the wines for successfully absorbing the wood, I believe that the benefit of the doubt is in order but in certain cases, the wood is not subtle so purists should be aware that there is more oak influence than usual.

Tasting note: pain grillé and very ripe peach, pear and apricot aromas nuanced by hints of citrus marry into rich, full and seductively spicy flavors that are perhaps less elegant than usual but compensate but more size, weight and power on long, sappy and pure finish. An impressive effort. 92 point

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